Dreams Do Come True

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Writing has always been a passion for me since the third grade when I first learned about writing stories. I’ve always had some story or poem circling in my head. Sometimes they made it onto paper, sometimes not. But seven years ago I wrote my first full novel start to finish, and then I wrote […]

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a huge get together at my house with over fifty people. They were all family (with the exception of the missionaries.) The cool part was that almost everyone asked me how my writing was going. My family has always been supportive of my desire to write. I’ve never had […]

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Work in Progress

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Today I got to listen to my daughter give her farewell talk before she leaves for her mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Hearing her speak reminded me of how much I love her and think she is amazing. I know I should be willing to share her with the Lord […]

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I like creating something out of nothing. Take a blank word document for example. Using only the 26 little letters in the English alphabet, I can arrange them into seemingly limitless combinations that form words. Words by themselves have little meaning, but when strung together into sentences and paragraphs can form worlds, and characters that […]

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Welcome to My Website!

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Welcome to my new website! I’ve been writing so long on my group writing blog (8 years) that I almost forgot that I don’t have my own website. So here it is. The place where you can come and get to know me. The place where I can blog about life and writing. You will […]

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Nikki WIlson

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writing stories because talking to imaginary friends is frowned upon.

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