Dreams Do Come True

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Writing has always been a passion for me since the third grade when I first learned about writing stories. I’ve always had some story or poem circling in my head. Sometimes they made it onto paper, sometimes not. But seven years ago I wrote my first full novel start to finish, and then I wrote another right after. That was when I knew writing was more than a hobby for me. The thought of becoming a published author became more than just an abstract thought, it became my dream. Being the novice that I was at the time, I was positive I could send my wonderful complete books to agents and BAM! I’d be published.
Instead, I received rejection after rejection and I knew I needed to work on the craft of writing. I had to learn as much as I could and I needed to practice, practice, practice. That’s what I’ve been doing for those seven years, practicing and learning as much as I could about the writing and publishing world. There were many times my dream started to flicker out. But each time, the desire to write would begin to burn again inside me and I would trudge on.
At the end of the school year last year, lots of things happened and I suddenly found myself thinking that maybe I should focus on a different career. One that would help me to assist my husband in providing better for our family. I applied for a couple of full time positions at the school district where I work part time, I didn’t get any of them. I knew that meant it wasn’t the Lord’s will, and took it as a sign that I should keep pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. I finished editing a romance novel I’d worked on for two years and sent it to a small publishing company, Trifecta Books.
Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying they were interested in the novel, but that I would need to change some things. I agreed with all the changes but wasn’t sure if I was talented enough yet to pull it off. With determination, I sat down and began to edit the book again. This time I wasn’t afraid to cut the stuff that wasn’t great. I added more emotional cues and internal thoughts and by the time I reached the end of the book I was so sick of it I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to hear about that book ever again! I took that as a good sign that I’d done the best I possibly could and sent it off.
A week after sending it off to the publishing company, I was offered a contract to publish the e-book version in March 2016!! I just signed the contract and am excited for the new journey that I am about to embark on. Thank you to all the supportive people in my life, especially my children and my husband! I am also completely indebted and grateful to my Heavenly Father who bestowed the desire and talent of writing  to me. He is my muse and my rock!

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