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Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a huge get together at my house with over fifty people. They were all family (with the exception of the missionaries.) The cool part was that almost everyone asked me how my writing was going. My family has always been supportive of my desire to write. I’ve never had anyone in my family say a negative thing about it. They encourage me and cheer me on.

My eighty year old grandfather even agreed to read a rough draft of my contemporary romance book. One of my characters has a prosthetic leg and I need my grandfather to let me know if I portrayed that part correctly. Not only did he read it, but he confessed to me later that he’d read it four times because he thought it was that good! Even my husband’s ninety year old grandmother read my romance book too cover to cover and helped me recognize some slow parts.

Another example of the amount of support I get is what happened this month for National Novel Writing Month. When I announced I was going to attempt Nanowrimo this year, my children volunteered to make dinner each night this month. They all made sure I had plenty of time to write. They even asked me how the book was going. But when I reached about 30k words the story began to fall apart and I felt like I needed to get my head out of my story and focus on my family. I needed to get stuff ready for Thanksgiving and help my daughter finish getting ready for her mission. I announced my intentions to stop doing Nanowrimo this year on Facebook. I wasn’t prepared for what happened. My son started a flurry of comments.

My son wrote: Don’t you QUIT!!!!! When I get home missy I’m gonna sit at you computer until you are done writing 2000 words TONIGHT!! I didn’t train no quitter

Me: I’ll never quit on you! Just my imaginary friends that aren’t as important as my family.

My husband: Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Let them LIVE!!!

Son: We’re having a family conference when I get home

Husband: Live!!! Breath darn you… Don’t die!! Don’t give up, FIGHT!! I don’t know how to rescue a dying dream. I feel like such a failure!

Son: We are the worst people we can’t even motivate the one we look up too

Me: Hey! No double teaming allowed. I’m not giving up on the book or the dream! Just pushing it back a bit!

Son: Nooo pushing it off your right here

Husband: Maybe we shouldn’t follow our dreams, if you can’t believe in dreams then why should the rest of us even try.

Son: I think that I’ve decided that going to college is going to be too hard I think I’m going to just become a hippie and just live on the beach and never shower

Husband: Ok I’m calling it, at 7:23 pm on November, 18th the dream died.

Son: When’s the funeral? I would like to invite all of the supporters of the dream to come to the funeral.

Husband: Now your friends dreams will die as well, just because your not there for support! It was a team effort, I thought you left no one behind.

Daughter 1: What they said!

Daughter 2: MOTHER! Don’t you let me leaving be an excuse to stop your dream!!! I know you don’t like your book right now but it will get better! And how much better will you feel if you succeed with everything else going on!!!  There will be no funeral for my mothers dream only a party on her success.

Writing buddy: This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

to which Daughter 2 replied: Fight with us or against us!!

Writing buddy: don’t you dare give up on me now. We’ve come this far together. We’re almost there. I’ll carry you across that NaNo 50000 word finish line if I have to.

Brother: Okay sis! You got this!!! You have already put forth so much time and effort that it would be a crime to stop now. Don’t give up.You have done it before. So just buckle down and do it again!

Sister: I love this story don’t leave me hanging! I’ll hate you forever sis if you leave me hangin I just checked my email and wondered where my next chapter was!!!!

Me: Fine!! But the story is going to stink!!!

This is just an abridged version of the firestorm of support I received on Facebook that night. With all that love and support from my family and friends it’s inevitable that I will reach my dream of becoming a published author. My family truly is the wind beneath my wings. They help me soar to heights I never thought possible. I’m so grateful for them and all the other supportive, loving people in my life. Thank you for your love.



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