Interview with Tristi Pinkston of Trifecta Books

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Today I’m excited because my new editor, Tristi Pinkston is allowing me to interview her about her publishing company, Trifecta Books. Trifecta Books is an new breed of publishing. It combines the benefits of a small publishing company, and the freedom of self-publishing into one place. And last week they announced ME as their newest author!! How awesome is that? So here is some more information about the publishing company I just signed with!trifectalogo

What prompted you to start Trifecta Books?

I’ve been publishing for about thirteen years now and I’ve been with a few different publishers, and I’ve also worked in the industry on the publishing side of things. Every so often, I’d find myself thinking, “If I had a publishing company, I’d do it this way or that way.” Then I’d brush the thought off because really, when would I ever start a publishing company? Come on, right? But then about two years ago, I was thinking about it while in the shower (where I get all my best ideas) and the name for the company and everything just appeared in my head. I mentioned it in passing to my friend Jenni James, and her response was, “I want to be your first author.” So that’s how it all came to be.

What has been the most difficult part of starting a publishing company? What has been the best part?

There’s a lot more paperwork than I had realized at first. You fill out this form and then get the other form and then there’s this code and that number and on and on … and then you find out that you really need to do that thing over there … it’s all a learning curve, and I imagine I’ll be learning for a long, long time. The best part is creating something where there wasn’t something before. I get to help authors take their dreams and make them reality. That’s amazing.

Can you describe how Trifecta Books is different/similar to other small publishing companies?

We’re similar in that we operate with a very small staff. The people who work with me are dedicated, hard-working, and can see the vision of this company … and there are only a few of them, meaning that they’re each doing a lot right now. Down the road, I’ll be bringing on more people and we’ll be able to spread the tasks around. We’re also focused on the well-being of each author, as other small companies are. I’d say that we’re different in that our company is run entirely out of our homes – my office is my bedroom, and each member of my staff also works from home. We also are focusing more on e-book with some print sales, and we’re utilizing the Internet more than other forms of advertising. In addition to that, we’re doing our own distributing.

What are the benefits of writers publishing with Trifecta Books versus self-publishing?

When you publish with Trifecta, you have the advantage of a company name behind you. You have years of experience between myself and my team. There are pitfalls we can help you avoid. I’m not against self-publishing – in fact, I’ve done several of my books independently. But with a company, you’ve got access to help and advice – and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it out. I would also say that my goal for Trifecta is that we become like a family, and that’s a definite benefit.

How much control does the author have over the final version of their book when they are signed with Trifecta? (things like cover art, etc.)

The author is consulted on everything, and if they have a concern, we talk about it until comprises are reached that everyone can live with. I do have final veto power as the publisher, but if an author really hates something we’ve suggested, we will do what we can to address those concerns so they can feel good about their finished product.

What are some things a writer can expect in a contract with Trifecta Books?

We offer really competitive royalties. Our e-books are 50%. For our print runs, since we’re fairly new yet, our authors have helped with print costs, and they’re getting back 100% royalties until their initial investment is paid back. It’s a little unorthodox, but we’re trying new things in the industry. Print runs are optional. In addition, we have a very flexible clause dealing with rights of first refusal – we only ask to see the next book in a series. If you’re not happy with Trifecta and we’re not able to make the changes you’d like us to make, you can go elsewhere without a long legal battle. Our goal is to keep you happy, not to make it into a saga. 

What books does Trifecta currently publish, and what types of books are you looking to publish in the future?

Right now, we’re primarily publishing young adult and sweet and clean romance. We have some middle-grade already published and more in the hopper. We will be opening up to more genres in 2016, including LDS and Christian.

What are you looking for in submissions? What is the protocol for submitting to Trifecta Books?

We’re looking for well-written, thought-provoking books that are clean and uplifting. Right now, we’re looking at more young adult, more middle grade, more sweet and clean romance, and particularly Regency romance. Come 2016, we’ll be looking for LDS and Christian novels. You can read all about how to submit at, and you can send any questions to

What advice would you give to any writers that are interested in submitting to Trifecta?

Please send your manuscript through a critique group or a long list of readers before you submit. We’re looking for professionally crafted books by professionally minded authors. If I open up your e-mail or your document and I see a bunch of typos, I’m immediately going to raise an eyebrow. Do not send me a rough draft or even a second or third draft.

Please be aware as to what I mean by “clean.” I’m not talking about closed-door scenes – I’m talking about no scenes at all. We do publish kissing, as long as the hands stay in plain sight at all times. We do not publish swearing, uses of the occult, or gratuitous violence.

What other information would you like MMW readers to know about Trifecta Books?

That we’re an exciting new company and we’d love to chat with them more, not only about our current catalog, but submitting. We have big plans, and can’t wait to bring them to fruition. 

Thank you so much, Tristi for all that wonderful information! I’m looking forward to hearing even more about Trifecta Books in the future!

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