Why Clean Romance?

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romance-novel-facts-ftrI didn’t always want to be a romance writer. To be honest, I didn’t even admit that I read romance books. I was a closet romance reader. If anyone asked what my favorite book genre was, I would say it was Sci Fi/Fantasy, which is mostly true. When I want to go on a book adventure I usually lean towards sci fi/ fantasy. But the older I get and the busier my life becomes, the more I yearn for a relaxing escape. That’s where romance books come in.

Romance novels aren’t too long and I don’t have to wait for the next book in the series to get the closure I crave. Romance also assures me a happy ever after…in most cases*. This is important because I want to smile at the end of a book knowing the characters are happy. That makes me happy and makes me ready to face the real world again with a much better attitude.

The problem I have with romance books sometimes is that they are often filled with sex scenes that I don’t need or want to read about. I know some people disagree with me, but I don’t need a sex scene to make a book worth reading. I’m in it for the happy ever after feelings and the sense of love conquering all obstacles. Unfortunately the genre of romance is almost to the point of a book not fitting into the category if it doesn’t have a sex scene.

This is where clean romance comes in. For those of us that just want to enjoy a nice love story without the sex, there is a choice. When clean romance became it’s own genre, I knew I had to be a part of it! There are more and more clean romance books being written and more and more resources¬† available to help readers locate quality, clean books. goodreads

Goodreads has many groups that focus on these types of books. Click here to see some choices. They even have a list called the Swoony Awards**. Only new books that are devoid of sex scenes are summerbooktrekallowed on this list. Guess what? There 196 books that fall into this category! How amazing is that?!

Another resource is New LDS Fiction Summer Trek. This summer reading challenge offers clean books in several genres as prizes for completing the challenges. Not only can you learn about new clean books that have come out lately, but you can also win some for FREE! This includes clean romance books like my book, Duchess!

I caTrifectan’t forget to mention the upcoming book signing that I will be participating in that is in American Fork, UT! There will be several authors there that you can get to know and interact with. You will see that I’m not the only author that is passionate about bringing clean books to, not only the romance genre, but all genres including what our children are reading. It is sponsored by my publisher, Trifecta Books. Click here to go to the Facebook page that will give you more information.

Right now is an exciting time to be a romance reader and a romance author! I’m so excited to be a part of it!

*Nicholas Sparks has broke my heart many times!

**Duchess made the list! If you read it and would like to recommend it, please vote for it!

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